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Why is Kona Coffee Considered One of the World's Finest Coffees?

As you take a sip of your cup of java and inhale the rich aroma you will understand why! Green Gecko Coffee is Kealaola LLC's Premier Estate Coffee - 100% Pure Kona Coffee. For those of you who have experienced the taste and experience of Kona coffee know that there is no substitute. We encourage you to share Green Gecko Coffee with your office, friends, family and associates. We now offer gift certificates, a great way to share our fine coffee.

kona coffee cherries close up In the Hawaiian language, Kealaola means "pathway to life, pathway to health." We embrace those Hawaiian words in every step of the coffee producing process - from planting, nurturing, harvesting and processing our coffee. Now you can savor one of the world's finest coffees. We invite you drink "to life and to health".

Green Gecko Farm is located in the very heart of the Kona Coffee region, on the western slope of Mauna Loa at 1,320 feet elevation in the town of Kealakekua. This locale is most ideal for growing coffee, with its rich soil, morning sunshine, afternoon rains, and beautiful sunsets. It makes perfect sense that a perfect cup of 100% Kona Coffee is created right here. Click here to learn how we process our coffee.

Green Gecko Coffee also makes a perfect present. So, for that next special occasion, send a thoughtful and unique gift - 100% Kona coffee. Remember to order enough for yourself so you can enjoy it as well!

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