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About the Coffee

What's Makes Green Gecko Kona Coffee So Special?

Like fine vintage Estate wine, 100% Kona Coffee from an Estate is distinguished from generic Kona blends by the extra care taken throughout every step of the coffee producing process. To truthfully bear the 100% emblem, all beans must be from grown and harvested from a single farm. Care must be taken to follow a standard protocol from growing, to harvesting to roasting.

Coffee trees
A coffee tree full of green (unripe) cherry

Green Gecko Coffee comes only from our own heirloom (vintage) Arabica Tipica trees grown on the side of Mauna Loa volcano. Click here to read about our farming practices. Our coffee cherry is hand-picked at the peak of ripeness, with each tree being visited several times during the harvest season to pick only the red-ripe berries.  We process the fruit on the day of picking, and spread it on out to dry completely in the sun on the drying platform.

Coffee cherry batches are individually processed by small local coffee processors. They use optimal equipment to ensure the highest quality is turned out. The resulting product is coffee that is pure, 100% Kona Estate coffee - richly aromatic and full of tantalizing flavor - a product treasured among coffee drinking societies throughout the world.

Green Gecko Coffee is the proud winner of the multiple Gold Award Medals at the Kona Coffee Council’s premier Cream of the Crop – A Kona Coffee Extravaganza event: both for the Chef’s Choice (awarded by the top chef’s on the Kona/Kohala Coast) and the People’s Choice (awarded by the attendees at the event).  You can taste Green Gecko Coffee in fine restaurants in Hawaii including:

Coffee trees
On each branch, the cherry ripens throughout the season, requiring labor intensive multiple picks; on this branch you can see two red cherry that are ready to be picked

Another fun place to try our coffee is on our farm tour, as well as enjoying the miraculous sensation in the comfort of your home ( Order it direct from our web site ).  

How to Make a Superior Cup of Coffee

(as discussed on the BBC web site)

General Rules

  • Use freshly ground coffee. You can store the ground coffee in an airtight jar, but don't keep it for more than a few days, as the taste deteriorates rapidly.

  • Don't keep coffee hot on a hot plate for more than a few minutes. Serve the coffee as soon as it is made.

  • The general rule for coffee other than espresso is 2 tablespoons of ground coffee per mug. This is based on a 200ml (7fl-oz) mug and a standard 15ml tablespoon. For espresso, be guided by the instructions with the machine.

  • To read additional instructions for different types of coffee brewing equipment, visit the BBC

Come over and see us! We'd love to show you the Farm... To learn about how to tour the farm, click here.

Enjoy More Coffee Photos...

ancient coffee tree trunk

This old coffee tree is probably 75 to 100 years old, and is still producing excellent coffee.  Most of the coffee on the farm has been propagated from the older trees.

coffee grows near beautiful tropical flowers

Tea plants along our coffee road add a splash
of color and plant diversification to our farm

See more photos of Green Gecko Farm & Coffee - click here

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