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Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery of Green Gecko Coffee Farm...

Little Red Tractor tending the farm

Setting Off on "Little Red" to Tend the Coffee

Retention irrigation pond

As part of our sustainability efforts, we store up to 100,000 gallons of water for irrigation, collected from the roofs of the buildings on the property and drained into this retention pond.

tropical red flowers and coffee
Botanical garden setting integrating flowers, crops, and places to work and relax
banyan tree
Beautiful banyan tree, with orchids planted to provide surprises at every turn
ancient hawaiian road
Along this path, wooden carts first carried sugar cane, and then coffee; this “coffee road” was probably an old Kuaiwi wall that was enlarged to create an accessible route.
ancient hawaiian rock wall
The well-stacked boulder facing on this Kuaiwi wall is typical of the way Japanese coffee farmers modified the low mounds created by Hawaiians prior to Captain Cook’s arrival.
ancient hawaiian rock wall at Green Gecko Farm
This Kuaiwi wall was recently rebuilt as a modern planter, creating walkways on the farm

colorful orchids growing out of a tree stump
This coffee stump provides a home to orchids

lychee tree in full fruit
The large lychee tree produces fruit at the ends of the branches with an annual harvest of almost 1,800 pounds of delicious fruit
resting bench at Kealaola Farm
A Japanese bath, or furo, was once located here; area that is now a pond was used for a fire and produced steam for the bath at the end of a hard day's work

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