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Aloha! E komo mai I ka Mahi’ai! Welcome, Visitors to our Farm!

At Green Gecko Farm, we cultivate our award-winning estate coffee as well as a variety of delicious tropical fruits and colorful flowers. We are proud of our Farm’s integration of ancient Hawaiian agricultural traditions and history intertwined with contemporary farming practices.

Over 650 years ago, the Hawaiian people developed the Kona Field System, an innovative and resourceful technique, unique to the island of Hawaii, and particularly to the district of Kona. Fields for cultivating were formed and separated by constructing low mounds of lava rock and earth, running from the ocean to the mountains, called “Kuaiwi” walls. Banana trees and sugarcane were then planted next to these walls as protective windbreaks. Several of these Kuaiwi walls can still be seen on the farm.

Japanese farmers arrived in Kona about 125 years ago and began cultivating coffee. At this time, coffee was introduced and planted on this farm. The volcanic soil, as well as ideal quantities of rain and sun, created the perfect environment for the new crop. You will see the old growth, heritage trees that continue to flourish here.

Green Gecko Farm is indelibly imprinted with the early agricultural customs and practices of the Kona district from its Hawaiian and Japanese heritage. We hope you will enjoy your visit. Mahalo.

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